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In the ocean of life, we meet people facing situations and suffering problems, and it is good to seek for guidance to help you go through all the challenges. Andrea

My Story

   I’ve been interested in money, finance, personal development my whole life. When I was a child my family didn’t have much money growing up. The first house my parents owned had tarpaper on the outside when we bought it. My dad put up chipboard as a temporary siding.

     My parents always instilled the value of everything. We never went without but we didn’t get everything we wanted either. 

     I got my first job at 15 years old, even at that age I didn’t go out and spend the money I earned, I saved it! 

     I’ve achieved my wealth through making careful decisions about how to allocate and grow my money. This gives me the practical knowledge to be able to help others take care of and grow their money also and make a better life for themselves.

My Values & Beliefs

Take care of your money

If you take care of your money it will take care of you!

Invest as much as you can

Don’t spend everything you make. Keep a large portion of your money to get it to work for you!

Have multiple streams of income

The more ways you have money coming in the better!

My Approach

 I did a lot of self education to learn money saving investing and earning techniques. I’m now able to have a happy and fulfilled life. My goal is shining light into the darkness for others.

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